Thank GOD!!!!

Oh I am so happy August is over! I think February-April & July-August are my least favorite months. August is hot and sweaty and humid. It's the Friday of summer, yes, but I am very happy to welcome September with open arms!

August was an odd month. I still feel like I should be sitting in a classroom instead of in an office and the realization is just as bad as it was last year (ok, maybe not THAT bad). I feel like it went very slowly and I'm perfectly fine with that. I can't believe how fast 2015 is going, and has already gone.

Before we know it, it'll be Christmas! Oh I CANNOT WAIT.

Before I begin rambling more and more, let's get into my favorites. I didn't keep track this month of what I loved, so we're rolling with the punches, especially since I'm writing this at 8 PM on Sunday, after a very long and tiring weekend. I was on a work trip and was basically up for 24 hours straight (#socialmedialife) and then I went to a Mets game with my friends on Saturday afternoon. It was a tiring, exciting, and overwhelming weekend for sure.

Side note: It's also been ONE YEAR since I posted my first favorites blog -- oh how things have changed!

Ok ok, no more rambles!

//Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer: I have been an avid wearer of the no make-up, make-up look all summer. I barely wear any liquid foundation so I've been sticking with concealer and my powder foundation. This concealer from Maybelline is new to drugstore shelves and it's the only thing I've been using this month. Maybelline concealers are my favorite and you'd know it from looking at my concealer drawer (yes I have a concealer drawer). This one is very thin in consistency but covers your under eye like it's nobody's business! I have not used anything else and I'm perfectly okay with that.

//Too Faced Amazing Face Powder Foundation: I feel like I spoke about this once before but I couldn't find any record of it. I bought these foundations (yes plural because I have 3 different shades) a few months ago for $8 in Nordstrom Rack. I really wanted a powder foundation and these seemed like a safe bet. I bought one, my mom bought two, and she decided she didn't want them anymore so now I have three shades. I've already hit pan on the deepest one "Honey Beige" because it was honestly all I was wearing for two months straight. It was just easier to apply before work, and I couldn't stand the feeling of foundation during the heat and humidity.

//Caudalie Lip Conditioner: I've spoken so many times about my problem with dry skin, and my dry lips. I've used so many different lip balms, trying to find the perfect one. I've had no such luck; they all work fine for the first week or two, and then they don't work anymore. The latest one I had was the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and it was $22 and lasted about two weeks before I was finished with it. Not worth the money! I was on the Birchbox website, looking for something to spend money on and realized I needed a new lip balm. I saw this Caudalie one and OMG I'm IN LOVE. It's hydrating, nourishing, I don't have to reapply too often, and it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It's $12 which is pricey for a lip balm but I think I need something heavy duty and I'm willingly to spend that much if it works.

//Herbal Essences Dry Oil Spray: I got this in a Target Beauty Box (not the one I posted about) and I have used a decent amount. I've never used dry oil and I never really use oil on my hair but now I see the benefits. This is really easy to apply (no greasy hands), and it leaves my hair soft, smooth, shiny, and frizz free. It's a life saver in the heat and humidity.

// planner: August is national planner month apparently so when August 1st struck, I was stoked to start using my planner. It's small but mighty in my opinion. It fits in all my bags perfectly, yet still big enough to write in. Not to mention it's SO cute! I'm always looking for a reason to take it out and write things down--definitely a good purchase in my book.

//Seamless: This is such a typical NYC, basic girl favorite but I've been ordering off Seamless basically everyday at work, for lunch. I hate bringing my lunch because it's never as appetizing as something fresh. If I bring a sandwich, by the time lunchtime comes, I no longer crave that. It's easy to just decide right then and there what I'm in the mood for. It's dangerous and I need to stop spending money on food.

I probably have more favorites but this month has minimal in terms of "things".

What were your favorites this month? Tell me in the comments!!

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