After I tried my first Smith & Cult polish weeks ago, and my mom also tried it, we immediately fell in love. It is hands down the most incredible nail polish formula I've ever tried. It's smooth, opaque, gel like, and doesn't chip. It's everything you want in a nail polish...

And it comes with an $18 price tag.

Not ideal, but if you save up some Birchbox points, you can get a discount.

Which is exactly what I did the first & second time around.

The first color "City of Compton" was a pale-ish pink, which is great for my mom, but I like a more intense, exotic color... especially for the summer months.

My mom agreed that since I was using my points, and an extra $10 of my own money, that we could get a more fun color.

I decided on "She Said Yeah" (weird name) which is deathly similar to "Pret-A-Surfer" by Essie
(another favorite of mine). The colors look really different online so I was surprised when I received it and it looked too similar to the Essie polish.

I don't like having too many similar polishes in my collection, I feel like its a waste and it takes away from the fun of owning so many nail colors.

I got over it quickly the moment I applied it to my nails.

Before top coat

UGH, it was just as amazing as the first!

Super sleek, smooth, applied like a dream...everything and more.

After top coat

I paired with my new Essie top coat "Gel Setter", that everyone and their mother has been talking about. It gives a gel like effect to any polish you apply it too and I have to agree. It's insanely shiny and thick, adding that extra layer of protection to the polish. It's not too expensive, $10, and it's totally worth it.

This time around, my polish chipped a little more quickly than with "City of Compton" but it was nothing compared to my usual 1-2 day chip of a regular, Essie or other polish.

My mom took this color, along with the Gel Setter top coat to the nail salon and her color stayed on for over a week. Now that is impressive.

Expect to see a lot more Smith & Cult on the blog because yes, it's $18, but I will splurge for the prettiness and the staying power.

What's your go-to polish? Tell me in the comments!

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