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I haven't done one of these posts since before I started my new job back in April, and my goodness time really flies.

I'm writing this on Tuesday night, watching a DVRed episode of General Hospital, with a wet head, and pretty exhausted. I wasn't even going to write this, but on Sunday, I told myself that I'd write a blog post for Wednesday -- but I have a scheduled post for tomorrow, does that make any sense?

Life has been pretty dull lately. I mean, it's the real world, it's not that exciting. I go to work, come home, eat dinner, shower, lay in bed, wake up & do it all over again. On the weekends, I usually catch up on errands, lie around my house, or happen to see my friends.

The adjustment has definitely gotten easier. I'm not totally exhausted 100% of the time, and I've finally gotten used to waking up at 6 AM, so much that I wake up before 10 AM on the weekends.

I'm still waiting to be content with this though; I can't help but shake the feeling that there is more to life than a routine job. I've been talking to a lot of my other post-grad friends about this and they all feel the same. We are not content in this 9-5 life.

Do I know why I feel this way? No. I never thought of myself as an adventure type of person but after living the same day over and over for three months, I think I may be.

I love the work I'm doing, but something seems to be missing, not just from my life but from our generation's lives.

God, your twenties are nothing like I thought they'd be!

I've managed to find some down time, some fun time, and some relaxation during the past few months because who would I be without some R&R? I love to relax, it's my favorite hobby.

Here's an inside look at my life over the past few months:

A little haul of goodness! 

Reading Cosmon on my balcony, too relaxing for words

I am the snapchat selfie queen #basic

Showing off my new Jack Rogers -- they're already destroyed & dirty

From that same day, I was a little too obsessed with my outfit #sorrynotsorry 

The view from my office is not half bad, even on a rainy day

Lunch break? If it involves The Melt Shop, yes please! 

A cannoli dessert on Father's Day? YES! 
BBW candles are LIFE

Hung out at the beach club on the 4th of July-- the clouds cleared up for a beautiful day

Ended this past week in my new favorite spot, my balcony--blogging my life away

See? That was a lot of photos! I really love doing little round up posts because ever since actually having a job in social media, I pretty much photograph EVERYTHING!

What have you guys been up too lately?

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