It feels like as soon as I write one Birchbox review, the next month's box arrives at my doorstep. It also seems that the moment we all receive one month, Birchbox is already talking about the next month!

I love getting these monthly boxes delivered to my door... it's like a little present each month. I have though, been thinking a lot about cancelling. Not because I don't enjoy it, not because I don't have the money, but because I have come to the realization that I have too much stuff.

The other night I was so overwhelmed by my room that I start throwing things out and reorganizing everything. I went through my Ikea drawers and just threw away old, expired make-up and got my shit together.

I started taking unused and unopened items and putting them in a "goodie bag" along with a lot of beauty items I've collected since starting my new job as a Social Media Coordinator for a major beauty brand.

I love "stuff" but it's getting to be a little ridiculous. I may stop Ipsy after the next month, just because I really do adore Birchbox and all the added amenities that come with the subscription.

If you haven't signed up for Birchbox yet, check it out. For $10 a month you get 4-6 beauty or lifestyle items. You can customize your profile to fit your needs, wants, and style, and I have to say, they're pretty accurate when it comes to giving you what you want.

This month was pretty awesome, aside from a gorgeous smelling perfume sample that I can't use because I'm allergic to fragrance (crying emoji).

Before we get into what I got in my box, can we take a moment to admire the gorgeousness that is this box? I am so happy that Birchbox has gotten rid of the plain, old brown boxes and has been sending these beauties in beautifully designed boxes. It makes it that much sweeter!

Here's everything I got in my July Birchbox:

//Bumble & Bumble All-Style Blow Dry: I have never used anything from Bumble & Bumble but I've heard amazing things about them. I'm so happy that Birchbox is now carrying the full line so maybe now I could try more! I haven't used this yet because I don't blow dry my hair in the summer but I'll be sure to test it out soon!

Sample size: 3/5
Full size: $30

//Cartier La Panthere Eau De Parfum: This smells SO GOOD. I was so sad to see a perfume sample in my box this month... I usually never minded it before but after finding out I was allergic to perfumes back in January, I feel like this is a wasted sample. If I wasn't allergic, I probably would've used this entire bottle already.

Sample size: 2/5
Full size: $100 (MY GOD THAT IS EXPENSIVE)

//Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant: I always love getting skincare items in my boxes, mostly because they're easy to go through and I can always tell if I'll like something after a few tries. I love Dr. Brandt and I'm obsessed with exfoliators so this item made me happy. I haven't tried it yet but I have no doubt that I'll love it.

Sample size: 3/5
Full size: $78

//Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer: I love getting Liz Earle products in my Birchbox because 1) they're amazing and 2) they're always ridiculously large samples. I've been having a moment with skin sprays lately and this spray toner is fueling the addiction. It smells a little weird but is very refreshing. It says that you can use it for all skin types, either to prep your skin for make-up, set your make-up or just as a refresher throughout the day. I've been using it to prep my skin for my daytime skincare & nighttime, and just to refresh throughout the day. I love it!

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $25 (probably will repurchase since the price is right)

//Stila Look at Me Liquid Lipstick: Everyone received one of these in their Birchbox this month and we were able to pick what color we wanted. I chose this hot pink shade called "Bella" and my goodness it is bright. It's stunning, I don't know where I'm going to wear it because bright lips, for me at least, are reserved for nights out or a brunch with friends, but I need to find somewhere to rock this bright pink lip.

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $22

This was honestly a really good box. The only item I was meh about was the perfume-- everything else I will get an insane amount of use of!

What is your favorite subscription service? Tell me in the comments!

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