If it isn't obvious by now, I have a sick planner and stationery obsession. It's always been that way...I've always had multiple notebooks, diaries, post-it notes, etc laying around. I can't resist an adorable patterned notebook, or a notepad that has cute quotes printed on it.

I'm addicted to stationery so when I was emailed by BlueSky to talk about their 2015 planners, I couldn't resist. I could always find a use for multiple planners, hence my rambling in my ban.do planner review when I said I wanted two planners this year.

When I received the package, I was so happy that I not only got a planner, but three little notebooks that are perfect for toting around your bag. I love little notebooks like this to write down random thoughts, or keep to-do lists.

The planner is HUGE. It's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be so this will for sure be one I keep at work. I'm going back and forth between this and a Lilly planner...maybe I will skip out totally on Lilly.

This BlueSky planner isn't as cute or chic as I'd like and it may or may have not been something I picked out myself. I feel like I would if I was looking for a larger, notebook size planner.

The inside is very spacious, and definitely not plain--not like the Kate Spade planner. There are some fun designs, and perfect if you like a more low key but still decorative planner.

Once I decide what I'm doing planner wise, this will be a fantastic work planner. It's definitely big enough and I think will be a great addition to my desk.

Let's talk about the mini notebooks. I"m obsessed! I haven't used them yet but I'm going to start. One for lists, one for notes, and one for ideas. All three are formatted exactly the same way, each with a little heading on the top specificing what for. (Every "note" page has the word "notes" headlined at the top, etc).

I feel like I haven't seen tiny notebooks laid out like this before but I'm glad to have them now! I think the "List" one is my favorite since I'm all about making lists!

These are adorable and something I definitely would've purchased on my own! I also really love how they come in a trio pack together. Three for the price of one!

These are not expensive planners by any means but they are well made and pretty. The BlueSky website has so many cute, adorable, and chic stationery items, I may have to get some on my own!

What is your favorite go-to stationery? Tell me in the comments!

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