Ever since I was a little girl, I suffered severely from allergies. Once April rolled around, I knew I would have a rough few months and allergy season was in full force.

At first, it was just my eyes would water up and itch really badly--this was a quick fix with some eye drops. As I got older, the allergies and the symptoms got worse. And now it wasn't just the typical, Spring allergy season--it was when the weather changed in the Fall as well.

Now, I was coughing and sneezing and feeling drowsy because of the stupid pollen, along with my itchy, watery eyes. Not to mention constant sinus headaches and pressure from being having a stuffy nose *mad cute, right? It's honestly a nightmare, and sometimes, even after "allergy season" has passed, if the pollen count is really high, I'll still wake up knowing exactly what is wrong--it's my allergies.

Allergies aren't an excuse to stay home from school or work and you must muster the courage to get through the day. Looking good & feeling good with allergies, is a little difficult but I've had a lot of practice.

Also, this post may seem a little outdated since allergy season has sort of passed and it's officially summer, but like I said, I suffer all year around if the pollen index is high.

If this sounds like you, here are some of my favorite beauty (and lifestyle tips) to cure your allergies!

1. Eye-drops: Your eyes are going to be red and puffy, constantly wanting to touch your eyes because they itch so bad and nothing will relieve them. I recommend carrying around eye drops with you 24/7. You shouldn't overuse them but when the pain is unbearable, these won't steer you wrong. These have been my favorite since I was little and I always go back to them!

2. Nude eyeliner: With your eyes red & puffy, you're going to want to make them look more awake. There's nothing worse than walking around with puffy, squinted eyes. I recommend staying away from black eyeliner on your lash line and applying a nude colored eyeliner pencil in your waterline. It will instantly lift your eyes and make you look more awake. Your eyes look more open and less red immediately! I LOVE the NYX Wonderpencil for this--it's one of my favorite beauty products.

3. Eye Masks: This is something new I've been trying out and I'm kind of obsessed. I love face masks so when I realized eye masks were a thing, I was sold. I've used a few and there are some great ones out there. They're great for reliving puffy under eye bags and the cooling effect that they leave is wonderful. I love using these even when my allergies aren't acting up--waking up on a weekend morning, washing your face, and placing one of these on for a few minutes is an immediate wake up call. I love the Sephora brand because there are so many for all different skin types and needs.

4. Bare face: Sometimes it's best to go sans eye make-up when your allergies are acting up. Let your eyes breathe and relax by only applying some nude eyeliner & waterproof mascara. Leave the heavy eyeshadows and black liquid liner at home and go simple. It'll be a relief when you accidentally rub your eyes and don't end up looking like a raccoon.

5. Calming Skin: Your skin is probably a mess from rubbing your eyes and blowing your nose so counteract the redness with calming face products, like a moisturizer to help combat redness, or a nice, soothing face mask. Go easy on the heavy foundation and opt for powder or a BB Cream. Your skin will thank you!

Aside from these beauty tips, find your favorite non drowsy allergy medicine to keep on hand, stock up on the tissues, and stay hydrated. Pollen will not get me down!

What are your favorite allergy tips? Tell me in the comments because I could use all the help I could get :)

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