My new salary is bringing out my shopacholic vibes... retail therapy is truly the best therapy there is. I've already started buying things I don't need and I have a running list of things I want. My first real splurge that I want to cross off my list? A new bag.

I have always been a bag lady, as I'm sure I've mentioned time and time again. I got a new C.Wonder (RIP) bag for Christmas but that was when I had a job that required me to bring my laptop to work. Now, I don't need my laptop and I leave a lot of stuff at my desk so my huge tote bag isn't a necessity.

I still would like a larger bag to bring to work because I bring my lunch & water bottle and make-up bag (and other items) but maybe a unstructured tote bag isn't the answer. I would also like something a little more tame (not leopard print) and more professional looking.

Basically, I want a Rebecca Minkoff or Kate Spade bag... both of which are currently sitting in my Nordstrom shopping cart. I get paid Friday, this could surely be the weekend I buy that new bag.

I've never bought a bag for myself, let me state that first. So to me, this is a big deal. All my bags, my entire life, have been gifts. Whether it was birthday, Christmas, or graduations, my bags have always been gifts. Sure, I may have bought myself a wristlet or a non designer bag but to buy a designer bag for myself is a huge deal. It means I'm an adult.

Oh god I have being an adult! I hate using that word!!


I've been doing some serious thinking, for a good few months, on what kind of bag I want--what color, what shape, what size, and I've decided a few contenders. Whether I buy one or buy them all, I'm a little bit obsessed and will surely be buying one of these bad boys in the near future!

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B Tote 

Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden Tote

Kate Spade Cedar Street Jensen

Kate Spade Emerson Place Hayden

Do we sense a theme here? Which one do you think I should get? Tell me in the comments :)

Shop these and some other choices (non work bags) below!

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