I've had this post on my calendar for months and I'm pretty confused why it's taken me so long to post it. It's not a hard post to write--I've already taken the photos, what is with you Bri?

I've been obsessed with the Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Palette  since it was released online back in March(?) and knew I needed it. $36 for a palette? I could handle it, once I had some money. When I got a Sephora Gift-card for Easter, I knew it would be going toward this bad boy.

I think what drew me in was the bright colors and the fact that I've been addicted to Too Faced eye-shadows. They're just so pigmented and creamy and last all day. They are perfect.

Also, I needed color. I have so many neutral palettes--I only have neutral palettes so I thought for the summer, it was time to brighten it up.

I bought this palette after thinking about it but not really thinking about because I didn't really know when I'm going to wear pink eye-shadow but I've since figured it out, especially since the colors are bright but they blend together perfectly so it's not too bold (if that's what you want).

I'm rambling now...

The palette comes with six eye-shadows, 5 shimmers and 1 matte.  They''re all gorgeous shadows that range in color from very light, inner corner highlights to bright pops of orange, pink, and blue, to two more muted tones of a navy purple & brown.

This is a palette you have to pair with something else, if you're doing a whole look. It doesn't have any mattes or light, neutral shadows to put in your crease...it definitely needs some assistance.

Some days though, I'll just deal with it, if I'm just running errands and don't need to be completely done up.

The shadows are perfect; they're pigmented, no fall out, and apply & blend perfectly together.

This is truly the perfect summer palette to add to your collection. If you don't have any other palettes to go along with this, then I wouldn't have this be your first palette but it's a great addition and PERFECT for summer :)

What are your favorite palettes? 

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