I have been on a roll with books lately, mostly because I'm listening to them on the train using Audible and it's much quicker to listen than read.

Nonetheless, I count audiobooks as reading.

After finishing "The Girl on the Train", I needed something equally as thrilling. I wanted something suspenseful with murder and other big issues--something that would give a "Gone Girl" like twist at the end. I was in that kind of mood. One of the suggestions was Lianne Moriarty's book "The Husband's Secret"; I read her latest novel "Big Little Lies" a few months back so I figured it would be equally as good.

Oh boy, this was even better!!

Just as "Big Little Lies" was, "The Husband's Secret" was split into three point of views; Rachel, Tess, and Cecilia. It takes place in Australia and the narrators have Australian accents (YES). Just as "Big Little Lies", it was a bit of a learning curve to understand Australian lingo but I caught on quickly. It made it that much more interesting, honestly.

This book was a lot faster than Big Little Lies; it didn't drag on (some chapters did but that's all books) and it gave many surprising twists and turns of the events.

The book surrounds those three women and show how their lives interchange but also are totally separate. They each have their own problems but yet, somehow, toward the end, they all come together and it's truly eye-opening.

There is a murder mystery in this book and honestly, the ending is just as surprising as anything. I was in actual shock at the end but when you think about, it makes total sense. The ending was really surprising and really sad and your jaw will drop.

"The Husband's Secret" was entertaining in so many ways--love, lust, divorce, murder, life. It kept my attention and I'm already looking to read (or listen) to another one of Moriarty's books. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!

What have you read recently?

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