So this is super late but I actually have a lot of links to share so I thought I'd post anyway!

This week was fun and exhausting. I've fallen asleep before 10 PM every single night and I'm super happy to be sitting on my couch on a Saturday afternoon, watching Sex & the City and hanging out. I forgot how much I love relaxing and not doing anything.

Ever since starting my new job, my weekends have been jam packed with weekend events (which is great because I love it, which is weird) but exhausting because I feel like I haven't rested.

With the long weekend ahead of me(almost over) & summer Fridays in the distance, I know I'll be resting a lot more but also having more fun. I realized this week that getting out and being busy and doing fun things with my friends really makes me happy and as exhausted as I am, it's good to get out of the house.

After posting my post-grad update on Monday, I had a set back and just had a meh week. I was stressed out, and everything seemed to be the end of the world. Then I remembered Mercury is in retrograde so it all made sense. Yes I believe in astrology and yes I believe that Mercury was only created to annoy everyone a few times a year.

Anyways... I'm feeling much better and some retail therapy, sunshine, and some relaxation couldn't cure!

I have a very short work week ahead of me (Monday & Friday off) and I have some great plans for next weekend so it's really great to have something to look forward too.

I found a lot of things I loved on the Internet this week so let's go...

Nina Dobrev left the Vampire Diaries & I haven't watched it in two seasons but this broke my heart.

Mad Men ended and I may do a random blog post on it next week because it was just amazing and I feel like my heart is empty. 

Cheese makes the world go round

If it's worth the fight, then fight it. I loved this!

Matthew Weiner talks all about the Mad Men finale and it's perfection

YA novels will always have a place in my heart and this is so beautiful

Knolling really works and you know you love it


I am Kourtney & Kourtney is me.

Have a great long, holiday weekend everyone!!!
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