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Oh hello again. After Monday & Tuesday's post I fell off the face of the planet... I had all intentions of writing a post on Tuesday and/or Wednesday night to go up the following day but then something truly crazy happened. Wednesday morning I got up at 4am and boarded a flight to Chicago...


Yup, a last minute work trip put me on a plane, by myself, for the first time ever, to a strange city that I have never been to go to a work event... when I've been working for less than two weeks. Oh, I also came back the same day. I boarded the plane at 6am to go and boarded again to come home at 6pm. CRAZY!

If you know anything about me you know that I was freaking out inside. My anxiety hit a new level but honestly, I could not have asked for a better experience. I am SO PROUD of myself for going and having the time of my life. I'm so proud of myself for not freaking out too much and for remaining calm at all costs.

It was a crazy whirlwind but my goodness, it was amazing.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm being very vague about my entire job situation. I have always kept part of my life private from the blog and it will continue with this new chapter... no mentioning of the brand or the work I do. I mean, it's not like I'm hiding it--if you stalk me well enough you'll find out, but for the sake of my blog & my professional life, it'll stay quiet. No conflicts of interests please!

I will however, be talking about the transition into this new world and new life... like spontaneously getting on a plane to Chicago for a day. I'm learning a lot about the industry, the company, but also a lot about myself. It's all very eye opening and scary.

I kind of love it... actually, I really love it.

I promise that I will find a happy medium with posting. This weekend will be a little quieter than last weekend so I should be able to get a decent amount of writing done.

Side-note... it's May 1st. 16 days till I have been a college graduate for a YEAR. My god, time is flying. How is 2015 half way over? Time goes too fast. I'm losing it! haha!


I haven't had a chance to save some cool links that I loved so some of these may be a few weeks old... either way, I still enjoyed them!

Jon Cryer has not aged a single day... this is amazing

Growing up in NYC, these are 100% true. It's scary

Cauliflower grilled cheese? YASS please

Oof, this was hard and interesting and true to read. 

Will Don Draper get a happy ending? I hope so.. 

Shonda Rhimes has a tendency to make her fans want to jump out a window... looking at you last week's Grey's! But she is a feminist & creates BADASS female characters

See? Not A LOT of links but I promise, things will get back to normal soon :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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