I have never been a fan on my dull brown hair. I have dull brown eyes to match so it makes it even more unexciting.

I've put light brown highlights in my hair, blonde highlights, and even dyed my hair black two years ago. I've never cut my hair a drastic length so really the only drastic thing I've ever done was get a Keratin treatment done (#lifechanging).

A lovely selfie with my natural colored hair (after I got my Keratin treatment done)
I've been meaning for a change, especially with all my hair issues that I talked about in yesterday's post... but that's a whole different story in itself.

As I grew older, I learned to appreciate my "dull" brown hair. It's not just a regular brown but from the chemicals and hair dye, it's kind of changed colors. Sometimes there speckles of red or blonde or caramel. It's pretty good.

When I dyed my hair black, I felt like a totally different person. I felt like I was wearing a wig, it took weeks to get used to it.

Black hair don't care ;)
With my "dull" brown hair, I feel like me.

When I discovered Madison Reed, a hair care company that specializes in hair dye, I thought their take on "hair personality" was pretty cool. I've heard a little bit about Madison Reed products and after looking at their website, you know they take hair seriously.

The campaign from Madison Reed is all about hair personality. Your hair is yours forever and as you grow and mature, you can change it to how you feel at that specific time.

I think it's really interesting to know that depending on how you feel, you can alter your hair to reflect that. Some people may go their entire lives without changing their hair and other people change the color every few months.

When you take all of that into consideration, how does your hair really reflect who you are as a person?

There's always hair stereotypes; blondes are ditzy, black haired are emo, brown hair is boring and then you have red heads.

Do you fit your hair stereotype? I'm sure you don't because that's why they're called stereotypes.

Personally, sometimes I do fit my brown haired stereotype. I could be shy, nerdy, low-key, and Type A, but then there are other times when I'm really outgoing, fun, funny, and quirky.

Sometimes I do think that if I had a different hair color I'd be more bubbly, all the time, but then realize that hair color doesn't define you-- that's why you have the ability to change it whenever you want!

As the summer draws near and just with the mood I've been in, I want a change. Madison Reed's Color Advisor allows you to take a quiz based on your current hair color and skin tone to see what hair color works best with you. After I took mine, it told me just what I suspected...a light brown or red.

We'll see if I go through with it but for now, I'm perfectly fine being myself in my "dull" brown hair! At the end of the day, it's the hair I was born with and it makes me who I am!

What's your hair personality? Do you break your own stereotype? Tell me in the comments!

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