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I've been so bad with the Links to Love post lately. I've been getting all my writing out of the way on the weekends and Links to Love is the only post I write the night before (the day of, or the day after apparently) and this week I just totally forgot.

Better late than never right?

I had a semi decent week; Wednesday brought on a huge anxiety attack and I have no idea why but nonetheless, I've been really good. Writing my Post Grad Update really helped, writing is so cathartic and I thank you for all the sweet responses to it!

In other writing news, I FINALLY got an article published on Elite Daily. It was the best surprise this week and the feedback I've gotten from all my friends and kind strangers is incredible. This is what writing is about. On the flip side, I also read some of the really hateful comments. This is inspiration for a blog post in itself so yeah... definitely need to develop a really tough skin if I want to make it as a writer.

Anyways, here's what I loved on the Internet this week (aside from the great Llama chase and the whole dress debacle)

Successful women do these things everyday #Preach

A day in the life posts are my favorite; Levo League killed it with this one.

Here are your answers to the "beauty timing" questions aka how many times a month you should get a pedicure. #Obsessed 

I'm proud to say that I visit all of these career websites and they're KILLER. 

The best, most beautiful and magical sentences that J.K Rowling graced us with. 

Have a great weekend everyone :) 

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