Honestly, I don't feel like January went by that fast. I can barely remember the beginning of the month. 

January is one of my least favorite months so part of me is happy to see it go but the other part despises February so I'd rather January stick around. It's one step closer to Spring and I just love the winter way too much.

Mercury was also in retrograde for most of the month and to some that may seem so silly but I'm a big believer in Astrology and I was basically a basket case this entire month so Mercury being in retrograde makes total sense for me.

Here's to hoping for a better February but who knows...

When I think of my monthly favorites, I always have a difficult time because a lot of my favorites are beauty products and I like to keep a variety. 

I don't think I did a great job but I tried!

JawboneUp: I've only had this bad boy for a week but I'm obsessed already. I'm planning on doing a full post on this fitness/sleep tracker so look out for that soon. It's so awesome to see how many steps you take or how long you're in a deep sleep for. I'm so happy I bought this...PS. A lot of these were on sale for $50-60 at Target but I got mine for $45 on Amazon. Go buy it! You won't regret it :)

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation: I've been debating buying this foundation for a while because I've heard some great things about it but wasn't too keen on the packaging (it looks cheap and I know that's a really silly reason to not buy a makeup product). I finally took the plunge and I'm so happy I did. It's the perfect everyday foundation, easy to apply and blend, and gives a very natural, satin finish. There has hardly been a make up day when I haven't used this!

Maybelline Lash Sensational: Another new beauty product to tell you about. The drugstore was on their A game with new products this month and this was one of the few I was desperate to try. I have a lot of mascaras open right now but I couldn't resist Maybelline and the rose gold packaging. It's a wet formula with a really cool "fan" brush but leaves my lashes long, voluminous, and very black. I've been using it during the day and for 'night out' makeup and it looks good either way!

Career Contessa: This website has been so great this month. I read their articles every month and love the content they produce but this month, I found myself gravitating more and more to the site. This is such a great career website for young, millennial women with the best real, advice I've ever heard. I'm so grateful for resources like this! You need to check it out :)

First Aid Beauty: I have definitely talked about me dealing with ecezma and it's gotten better a little bit (most of my dry skin ended up being an allergy to perfume :/ ) with the help of First Aid Beauty. I've heard so many good things about this brand and it's perfect for sensitive, eczema prone skin. I bought two products on sale at Sephora and have been using them constantly this month. I bought the Dual Repair Eye Cream and Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. Both have been complete lifesavers and I want more First Aid Beauty products! 

What were your favorites in January? Tell me in the comments!

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