I never go to the nail salon to get a manicure. If I go, it's always to get a pedicure because I'm pretty sure there is nothing more relaxing than soaking your feet and being pampered like that. 

I never get manicures because my nails chip as soon as I walk out of the salon and I like changing my polish color too much.

I never get manicures but I also never get gel manicures. Even though they last for weeks, I don't think it's worth the money for me because I get so bored of my nail color.

I did get a gel manicure once, before I went on Spring Break, and it was really nice to not have to worry about it chipping. I didn't have to be worry about smudging or chipping my nails when traveling or on the beach. It was really nice but by the time I got home, I was sick of my hot pink nail polish and chipped it off.

My love/hate relationship with gel manicures changed when my precious Little bought me the Red Carpet Gel Manicure set for Christmas.

I was so excited to get this because it's a gift that I would never buy for myself. I was really anxious to try it but a little nervous because it seemed like a lot of steps and that it would take a long time.

That is definitely not the case.

It took me maybe 20 minutes to do the entire routine with 6 steps, 6 different bottles. When I opened the pamphlet to follow the instructions, I was incredibly overwhelmed but once I sat down and actually started doing my nails, it was a breeze. 

I won't got through all the steps because it's unnecessary but I was really surprised at how easy it was.  The set comes with everything you need...all the bottles for prep and clean up, along with one red LED polish, and the LED light that is battery operated.

It's really just so friggen cool.

The best thing about this? You don't have to use Red Carpet nail colors...you could use any LED nail polish—just make sure it's not UV light gel.

Also, the Red Carpet polishes, along with the other necessary bottles, are only $10. That's only two more dollars than an Essie polish and you'll definitely get more bang for your buck.

I used this two weeks ago and kept the polish on for a week, no chips at all. It probably would've lasted longer but I chipped it all off because I was getting annoyed...I needed a new color! 

(Side note: Totally forgot to take a picture of my nails at the end of the week before I took the polish off #bloggerfail)

This is something that will definitely come in handy when you know you have a super busy week ahead and won't have time to sit down and repaint your nails.

Usually, I'll paint my nails on a Friday, have to touch it up on Sunday and by Wednesday I need to completely remove the polish and repaint. It was so pleasant to not have to look at my nails in disgust on Wednesday night and see that I needed to take the time to repaint.

I'm eager to buy more fun colors to use with this set! This was probably one of the greatest gifts I've ever gotten...thanks little ;)

Have you ever used an at home gel manicure set? 

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