Another long, dreary week...another week of complete and utter exhaustion. Does anyone have any tips for me falling asleep and staying asleep? It's almost like I haven't slept in days. Emotionally I'm fine, it's now physically I feel like crap...funny how that always happens.

Anyways...there is so much fun stuff coming up and I'm really excited. Brunch with my sorority sisters tomorrow, a hockey game in a two weeks, and a trip to Boston (YEEEEE) next month. Can you say exciting? It's so nice to have things to look forward too.

As I'm typing this up, I'm watching 'Gone Girl' on OnDemand and we all know how much I loved that book. The movie so far is incredible, not as descriptive as the book but hey, it's a movie. It's still awesome.

I'll stop are the links I loved this week :)

This week the internet was filled with some goodness...what did you love?

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! 

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