It feels like it's been ages that I've posted a Links to Love post. I know these are just an easy way out and literally the easiest post I could write but I love them. It's the easiest blogger cheat sheet and something simple I could whip up on a Thursday night when I am wiped out from the week.

I also really am internet obsessed (I've always been) and there is so much goodness out there that I need to share. Also, the journalist in me is fascinated by some of the articles I find and I need to tell someone about them.

As I said yesterday, I've been like a chicken running around without a head lately. I need to refresh my mind and get my self together. Hopefully once the week starts and I'm back on a normal schedule, I'll feel a lot better.

For now, let's dive in to what I loved online this week:

Happy 2015 everyone :)

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