Why I Dislike New Years Eve

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Is that title too pessimistic? It might be but it's the total truth. While everyone else is running around making plans for New Years Eve, getting their hair done, and planning out sparkly outfits, I'm being a complete scrooge and don't even have any set plans yet. 

I've always hated New Years Eve...like despised the holiday. When I was younger, I'd go to huge parties with my family and it was ok, I didn't even realize it was New Years Eve. As I got older, the pressure was on...find a nice dress, go to a party, have fun. You MUST have fun! 

That's the #1 reason I hate New Years Eve...it's overrated. I love the idea of starting fresh and leaving the year behind you but why do I have to put on uncomfortable heels and get drunk with people I don't know or people I don't like to honor it?

I'd much rather sit at home in pajamas, eat frozen appetizers that I heated up in the oven, and watch Ryan Seacrest on Dick Clark's Rockin Eve...but that's unacceptable. 

I'm a huge homebody, if you haven't already found that out and the thought of going out on a night that is basically telling me I have to have a good time no matter what, makes me not want to have a good time.

I don't need some crazy party to signify the end of the year and ring in the new one. I hate feeling pressured to have fun and hate holidays like that...4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend...like dude, just leave me alone. 

Last year me and a few friends from my hometown had a party and it was honestly the best New Years Eve I had in a while. We dressed nice, ate food, drank, sat around, watched TV and spent time together. It was the perfect little get together. 

With that said, who knows where I'll be tomorrow night...I'm ready for 2015 and all the goodness it will hopefully bring me. I don't need strangers, sparkles, and champagne to make it happen.

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  1. I AM THE EXACT SAME WAY. woah. Twins.

    1. It's my least favorite night of the year. I'm happy it's over and that I'm not the only one that dislikes NYE!