Good lord, the weekend I had. Santacon forever does me dirty. I think next year I may have to skip out on it. We never have a good run and this year may have just done it for me.

It was fun for a bit, though. I mean, day drinking in the greatest city in the world, with your best friends and everyone is dressed as Santa? It's a recipe for fun and disaster.

For the occasion, I needed to make my nails more festive, of course. It's the week before Christmas and my nails need to be as festive as possible. 

In my December Birchbox(to be reviewed later this week), I received a Ruffian nail polish in Ruffian Red. I've seen this brand in other Birchboxes and have been waiting for my chance for one to pop up in mine.

I used this Ruffian Red with my trusty Sephora by OPI "It Looks like Rain, Dear" gold sparkle polish and created my classic, holiday nail look.

What are you wearing on your nails this Monday?

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