Your mom is probably the most important person to buy the right gift for. She does so much all year round and never expects anything in return. She's the superhero, the knight in shining armor, and she deserves something beautiful, sparkly, and something that will light up her Christmas morning.

I never have a problem buying for my mom because she usually tells me exactly what she wants but sometimes I do like to surprise her with a little extra something.

Whether you know exactly what to get or are completely clueless because your mom is one of those "Oh I don't want you spending money/I don't need anything" types, here are some great gift ideas for the most amazing woman in your life!

Marc Jacobs Wallet//Clinique Skincare Set//Calvin Klein Hooded Coat//Kate Spade Trinket Tray//Slippers//Faux Fur Scarf

Shop these picks and my other favorites below!

What are your picks for your mom's Christmas gift?

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