I've been putting off this post for quite sometime now, mostly because I'm beyond lazy and never feel like taking pictures #bloggerfail.

These are my favorite posts to read so trying to tackle the task seems daunting because I don't feel like I'm as interesting as other people.

I did the "Whats in my Work Bag" post a few months back and I thought I'd do part 2 with my everyday bag.

I carry around way too much stuff and am the ultimate bag lady. My bag, at all times, feel like it weights 10 pounds and I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Anyways, here's an inside look to what a 21 year old blogger/social media fanatic carries in her bag on the reg.

I have so many bags which are all large enough to fit my insane amount of stuff but lately, I've been using my Kate Spade bag that I got for Christmas last year. It's so sophisticated and grown up but also big and boxy. The color is gorgeous, perfect for fall and I love the leather feel and the compartments.

Two regular size compartments on either side and a huge zipper compartment in the middle makes for great organization. I usually put my wallet and makeup bag on one side, pens and coupons and keys in the middle zipper part, and any other randoms on the other side.

I don't think this bag is available anymore so check out this gorgeous, similar bag.

Now for what's inside the bag:

Kate Spade Polka Dot wallet (similar)
May Books "Post Grad Ramblings" for random thoughts and notes 
Vera Bradley eyeglass case (similar)
Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder (similar)
Ipsy Makeup Bag to keep things organized
Hand sanitizer 
Too many hair ties

Not pictured is my phone charger. I never go anywhere without my charger.

Aside from the makeup products here, I always have my latest lip color of the day with me for touch ups. The Maybelline Color Whisper is there for emergencies.

I love keeping Rose Water with me to give my makeup a fresh look throughout the day and it's a great little burst of energy to wake you up around 2pm.

I also usually keep aspirin, Dayquil, Midol, and allergy medicine with me on the daily. I love being prepared, for any situation, obviously.

What's in your bag? What bag do you use? Do you keep it minimal or go overboard like me?

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