I had a completely other post scheduled for today but then Saturday night, while I was home alone in my pajamas, blogging, and watching Sex and the City, it dawned on me to write this sort of post.

I have mentioned it before and I'll mention it again—Carrie Bradshaw is my spirit animal. If you have ever met me there are a number of things I will talk about: my sorority, blogging, and Carrie Bradshaw are amongst the few.

She is one of the most glamorous television characters and hands down my favorite (aside from Blair Waldorf). She's a complicated yet simple journalist who lives fabulously in New York, with her best friends and countless boyfriends.

That's Ms. Bradshaw on the surface but there is so much more. I may sound silly when I say it but I relate to her, she says things that I would say, things I'm thinking. I have seen every single episode 100 times but each time I discover a new lesson, a new quote, a new eye opening realization.

Over the past year or so, I've seen so many articles bashing Carrie Bradshaw and while honestly, some of it is true, the other half is silly because um, it's a show. And I don't care if she was a "bad friend" or naive when it came to Mr. Big, she's awesome and I love her.

Ms. Bradshaw has taught me a lot over the years since I started watching "Sex and the City" and I feel like I have learned so much about who I am from watching the show.

Here's what my spirit animal, role model Carrie Bradshaw has taught me about life, love, and everything in between.

1. Always follow your heart: If there is one thing Bradshaw did was follow her heart. Whether it was in writing a book, a pair of Manolos, or Mr. Big, she knew what was right for her deep down. When she knew Mr. Big wasn't right for her (at the time), before he went to Paris, she broke it off. When she didn't want to marry Aidan, she broke it off. When she didn't like the cover of her book, she fought it. Her heart, her gut, her initiation was always right.

2. Things take time: Maybe this has more to do with love than work because Ms. Bradshaw was successful in her column and later her book but you can't rush something you want to last forever. Mr. Big and Carrie's relationship took FOREVER and it was a lot of back and forth but Carrie never gave up. She didn't "wait" around for him but she knew (and Charlotte knew as well) that they would end up together.

3. Own up to your mistakes: Carrie always admitted when she was wrong, even though those articles said she was a bad friend and all that jazz. When she cheated on Aidan with big, she did not try to blame him. She felt terrible about it and knew she was wrong. Even when she walked in on Samantha doing something inappropriate, she tried to apologize (even if it was after Samantha said she was upset). Realizing when you're wrong will help you live a better life, holding grudges is exhausting.

4. Get up after you've been knocked down: You're not going to die of a broken heart. Carrie Bradshaw is the definition of that. The love of her life left her at the alter for Christ's sake!! There is always a greener side to life...there is always something out there better for you. Carrie never let the bad things define her, she always picked her head up (even if it was after laying in bed for days on end). 

5. Forgiveness is possible: Friend, foe, or romance, Carrie forgave and has been forgiven countless times. Miranda forgave her for letting Aidan take care of her when her neck was out, Aidan forgave Carrie for cheating, and Carrie forgave Big for EVERYTHING. Forgiveness is possible and necessary, no matter the issue at hand.

Honorable Mention: Shopping and a good pair of shoes fix ANY problem ;)

These seem like trivial, common lessons that all aspects of life could teach us, that anyone in our lives can tell us but the way Carrie Bradshaw and SATC does it is just more fun, don't you think?

Shall we quote some Carrie to end the post?

Do you like Sex and the City? Who's your favorite girl?

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