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I have naturally curly and frizzy hair. My hair has been thick and unruly ever since I remember. I have distinct memories of sitting in front of my television and have my mother aggressively brush and blow dry my hair.

It was tortuous.

As I sit here writing this, I have just scalded my scalp with hundreds of degrees of heat to get it pin straight.

I have become a pro at straightening my hair over the past years but curling my hair, getting those bouncy, beautiful girls that professional hairdressers are so great at getting—that has never been my forte. 

Until now.

I have always experimented with curling irons but it just didn't work. I didn't know how to use it nor did I have the patience to wrap every single strand along a hot barrel.

When I was given the chance to review the Kiss Instawave automatic curler, I jumped at it. I had seen this product along with similar ones on television and online and the thought intrigued me. It's automatic? How does that even work? Would it tangle my hair? 

So many questions that I soon got all the answers too.

I waited a few days after I received the Instawave to make sure I had enough time to properly try it out and two weeks ago, I did. I didn't have anywhere to go but decided to play around with my new toy.

Hair separated into sections and ready to go
Throughly confused at first
I was confused, at first, how did this work? I attempted a few different ways: wrapping my hair around the barrel was very unsuccessful but then I just read the directions and it paid off.

To use the Instawave, you just place the iron next to your hair, vertically, and just press the button. The barrel catches your hair and wraps around the barrel. 

While doing this, you hold down the button, activating the iron with heat and a spinning motion.

Sound confusing? I know. It's not that complicated.

One little curl!

Hair wrapped around barrel, automatically curling
In the end though, you have beautiful, luscious, bouncy curls! My curls held up pretty well; I slept on them and they were in intact the next morning. Granted, I have naturally curly hair so curls stay intact until I wash my hair.

Before and after!
A little information on the Instawave—it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes and has 2 heat settings, high and low, the maximum temperature being 420 degrees.

I can attest to the fact that my hair did not tangle, even though while curling it, I figured it would because the iron is wrapping your hair automatically.

It is a very weird concept but it's safe to say, I will never be using another curling iron. I have never ever used something so easy with such incredible results. If I wasn't so lazy last week, I would've curled my hair every single morning before work because I love the look of curls from a curling iron.

You can bet that I will be using it for the holidays/every time I go out. UGH I'm obsessed!

The KISS Instawave is hands down my new favorite hair tool. 

What's your favorite hair tool?

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  1. Hey, it seems an amazing product to me, would definitely try it out. I usually use Ceramic Curling Iron 1″ (25mm). It is an awesome tool to get beachy waves and to craft a beautiful look for your hair. It is also easy to use.