My birthday is on November 30th and I'm turning the big 2-2. Lucky me! My twenties are officially in full swing and I'm expected to act like an adult when I can't even afford a cup of coffee, half the time.

Seriously, those people aren't lying when they say your 20s are difficult. 

Anyways, I love November mostly because of Thanksgiving and my birthday. As soon as the calendar hits November 1st, I'm thinking about what I want for my birthday. Yes, I'm going to be 22 and still want actual gifts for my birthday.

I want these things but who knows if I'll actually get them. I may splurge and buy one or two for myself or just wait for Christmas ;) 

Some of these I've put on other "wants" and "wish lists" but I still haven't splurged so yeah, they're here again.

GiGi New York All in One Bag in Stone Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette BaubleBar Monogram Necklace  Map Necklace GiGi New York Black Teddie Tote

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