The Birchbox book club book for the month of October was "Gone Girl" and the other Gillian Flynn books. 

I said in my Gone Girl book review post that I had won "Sharp Objects" from Birchbox but had no idea that I had won the other two books as well, in a collectors edition book set.

Um, score! 

I was so happy to come home to all three Gillian Flynn books, even though I already read "Gone Girl" because I had purchased it on my iPad.

Anyways, I immediately jumped into "Sharp Objects" and after posting a picture of the set on my Instagram, everyone was telling me "Sharp Objects" was messed up and crazy and I was going to love it.

"Sharp Objects" is about a Chicago reporter, Camille, who is assigned to go explore the murders of two young girls in her hometown. The catch is that Camille doesn't speak to anyone back home, including her mother.

The whole book revolves around Camille trying to solve the mysterious murders while also dealing with a very odd mother, a half sister who is positively bonkers, and a possible new romance.

I don't want to give too much away but in the middle of the book, I knew what to expect. I called the ending before I even finished the book. 

Just because I kind of figured out who the killer was didn't mean finding out was any less exciting. It was insane--the plot twists that Gillian Flynn throws at her readers are nuts and I love every second of it.

"Sharp Objects" was definitely a little slow for my liking. It didn't move as quickly as I would hope, there was a lot of repetitiveness in "solving the case" that we probably could've done without but it did make everything more suspenseful.

I had to stop reading at a certain point during the night because it was making me so anxious and nervous. I just wanted to know who the killer was! I just wanted to know what happened.

The ending was messed up—just like my friends said. It was sick, sort of in the "Gone Girl" way. 

Honestly, this book was incredible, just as incredible as I expected. Gillian Flynn is one of my new favorite authors because she writes so well...she has a way with words, the way she strings sentences together. It's incredible.

Sometimes I sit back and I ask "How did she come up with that?" Like how exactly did Flynn come up with this idea...its sick.

Nonetheless, if you read "Gone Girl" and LOVED it like mostly everyone on the planet, you will love "Sharp Objects." I haven't read "Dark Places" yet and I don't know if I will because the premise kind of freaks me out so we'll see.

Have you read any of Gillian Flynn's books? Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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