I'm going through an intense skincare obsession. I have been obsessed with trying new products and trying to get my face back to it's normal self. Seriously, maybe it IS because I've been trying new products but I mean, I don't have sensitive skin but who knows.

I really enjoy skincare products because unlike make-up (which I still love), these products are actually doing something for your skin. These products are repairing your skin and making it healthier. I love it!

A few weeks ago, in our Birchbloggers Facebook group, I saw a deal to receive three samples of this new product that was featured in the Birchbox shop and people had received in their boxes. With three samples and only paying $6.00 shipping, I immediately ordered.

That skincare product is the "Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel" and it's one of the coolest products I've used.

I love weird products that do something different to your skin and this "peel" definitely falls into that category.

It's not so much a "peel" as you would think; I initially thought it was a mask that you peel off your face but that is certainly not the case. 

You squeeze a very small, dime size amount of product in your hand and apply it to a clean face. You leave it on for 20-30 seconds and then gently start to massage your face. At this point, small solid balls will begin to form under your fingertips and this is your dead skin combining with the gel.


Seriously, I'm obsessed with the fact that you can feel and see the dead skin cells being removed from your face. That truly proves that the product is working.

My skin also looked a little brighter and was smooth and soft after washing it off. There was a difference in my skin from before and after and it was apparent. 

The great thing is you can order a trial size (the sizes I received) for 5.75 plus shipping. It says to do the treatment once a week and with the small amount you're supposed to use, one trial size will most likely give you multiple uses. 

I'm really excited to keep using it and after the first time, I kept looking forward to using it again. Like I said, I'm addicted to skincare. 

What is your latest skincare discovery? Give me recommendations please :)

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