This blog may be called Royally Pink but there is nothing I love more than a good red. Whether it's a red dress, a red lipstick or a red nail, I'm obsessed. I may actually have to do a whole post on the color red haha.

Anyways, fall, to me, is the best time to rock whatever red you're feeling. As for me, red nails are always in and I finally found a great red nail polish. While looking through my fall nail collection a few weeks ago, I realized I didn't have a simple, straightforward red.

In comes in "Dress to Kilt", the new red from Essie's 2014 Fall Collection. There's something about a brand new, fresh to the collection nail polish that I love. I usually only buy new colors (mostly because that's all my drugstores have) and there didn't seem to be a better time to buy this new red.

It's been burning a hole in my nail polish bag for a few weeks now. It was too early to paint my nails red at one point and then I fell in love with "Fall in Line" and thought this red could wait.

Well, last week I tried it out and my goodness, this is one of the best Essie nail polish I've ever used.

The formula is orgasmic (yes, orgasmic). It's very opaque but glides on incredibly smooth. Maybe it was because my nails has been bare for a few days so they were fresh and smooth but 'kilt went on like a dream.

The color in the bottle compared to on my nails is pretty much identical. It's always disappointing when the bottle color is completely off but that's not the case here.

"Dress to Kilt" is red. It's red but with undertones of burgundy and wine colors. It's rich, deep and truly perfect for fall. I will be wearing this color through and through; I don't know if I need any other color this season.

What's on your nails this Monday? Give me your suggestions in the comments :)

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