I'm Pinterest obsessed and I have been for almost three years now, since Pinterest became a thing. I remember discovering Pinterest through one of my sorority sisters, sophomore year. It was the end of the Fall semester and finals week was upon us and all I could be bothered with was Pinterest.

One of my favorite things on Pinterest is all the interior design posts. I love seeing photos of home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and anything related to home and houses. 

My mother has always decorated our homes in the most impeccable, chic way. She has had a fascination for interior design ever since I could remember and I'd like to think I got her keen decorating eye. 

Pinterest is filled with lovely, sophisticated homes and I simply cannot get enough. I've noticed myself pinning a lot more interior design posts recently and I just wanted to share some of my favorites!

There are so many more on my board that I can't get enough of. I just want to decorate an entire house! Maybe I should go into interior design to satisfy my desire ;)

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