TGIF! Even with the short week, I felt like this week dragged on. I didn't quite feel like myself, mostly because my mood was happy but at the same time, I was totally exhausted. I think toward the end of the week (last night) I was overtired and couldn't rest still. 

I couldn't quite catch up this week, it felt like I was going and going but then too tired to do anything. I'm truly all over the place, all the time.

It was an eventful week for many reasons. First, I was so so sad when news broke yesterday of Joan River's passing. She was never my favorite because I felt she was too tough on people for no reason but then I must remember she was always first and foremost a comedian. She was a true icon for women everywhere and I didn't realize how much she had paved the way for other successful women in the media. It feels weird that just last week I was watching her on the red carpet and on Fashion Police and now she's gone forever. She was always someone you just kind of expected to be there and now it's odd that she's gone. She was a true icon.

Second, if you're a blogger or just have a social media pulse you'll know it's New York's Fashion Week (#NYFW). I'm having true and serious FOMO and I just want to be glamorous and successful at all these shows. I guess I'll just have to watch from the sidelines aka blog posts, Twitter, and Instagram.

With those two huge events and my chronic exhaustion, there was still a lot of love on the Internet this week. Here are my favorites:

Stop overthinking, it's going to kill you***** (DESPERATELY NEED TO LIVE BY THIS ARTICLE) 


Happy weekend everyone :)

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