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The Kardashians, to me, are the definition of glamorous. Of course they have their moments but they always look stunning, especially my fav girl Khole. 

Khole Kardashian is my all time favorite because she's so stylish, fun, and never tries to be someone she's not.

I love Khole's fashion style; she never looks like she's trying too hard and always seems comfortable in what she's wearing. 

The Kardashians are also always known for their bling. I feel like they are never seen without some sparkle and Khole is not exception to that. She always needs something HUGE, something that sparkles in the sun.

Check out this video where you see how much sparkle Khole needs :)

This video is kind of perfect in the sense that it truly captures what it means to sparkle brightly. I loved the scene in Khole's closet where nothing was suiting her need for sparkle. 

Her style and glam in this video is on point, as always, especially that huge, chunky silver necklace she is wearing in that beginning interview. Where can I get that?

The ending of the video, however, leaves much to the imagination. Who exactly is sparkle? Why is he so important to Khole (other than obvious reasons), and when are we going to be able to meet him? 

Get excited everyone and stick around because you'll be able to find out soon! The reveal video will be posted here on September 25th so don't forget to check it out!

#INeedSparkle, Khole needs sparkle but do you?

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