I do not enjoy being late to any event. I hate feeling unprepared and rushing to get out of the house. I don't like feeling as if I don't have enough time to do everything I need to do. I'm all about having enough time.

The other side of this post is about saving money. This is something I definitely need help in (all suggestions welcome). I love spending my money and always have. Where I become a hypocrite is when I feel suffocated that I don't have enough money to do what I want to do. I always have severe buyers remorse. 

I've heard it time and time again from my family and friends, I need to not spend money on frivolous things. I don't need another $7 lipstick nor do I need to order another piece of jewelry. It's a severe problem and I've recognized it over the past few months.

Whenever I have a teeny bit of money in my pocket, I feel the need to spend it. Seriously, the feeling overtakes me and I have to satisfy it. It's an addiction. 

I may be an expert on saving and cherishing time but the money part, I could use some help but I've already discovered some great tips and tricks to help. 

How to Save Time:

Do things the night before: If you know you have to get up early for work or school or an event, make sure everything is done the night before. That means making your lunch, packing your bag, and laying out your clothes. This is a habit of mine that truly has become second nature. I can't get a good nights sleep if I know I haven't prepared for the morning. It saves me time when I wake up (a few more minutes of sleep never hurt anyone) and I'm not thinking about what I have to do when I go to sleep. It's the simplest of tasks but saves a world of time in the morning.

Organize: If you haven't realized it by now, I'm a huge organizer. I love being prepared and being organized for anything that comes my way. When you know you have a lot on your plate, it can be very overwhelming. If you know you're going to have a lot to do in a short amount of time, make a to do list and keep a planner. Tracking your time and obligations will save you time and energy in the long run. When I know exactly what I need to do, I get it done right and quickly, giving me extra time at the end of the day to relax and unwind.

How to Save Money:

Budgeting: I never thought about creating a budget plan until I saw one of my friends tweet that she was creating her own budget excel spreadsheet. It was like the heavens opened up and gave me this great idea. I haven't created mine yet (maybe I'll share when I do) but I'm going to google some examples and find what works for me. I think creating a plan will help me track where I'm spending my money and limit myself to few frivolous purchases through the month.

Coupons: Some people, including myself, forget that coupons exist. On any given day there is a coupon for something you need or want. Simply googling coupons or downloading a coupon app before you go out shopping will save you loads of money and provide fantastic deals for you.

Subscription services: This may seem silly to include because you're SPENDING money but it combines both saving time and money. There is now a subscription service for anything you need, from food to beauty products to clothes--you can't go wrong with subscription services. They're more practical than in the past and can create a more convenient lifestyle for you. 

A great subscription service that is a "no brainer" and guaranteed to save you both time and money is "Dollar Shave Club". This service sends you the razor of your choice for less than $10 a month. Razors are one of my most expensive purchases and ones that I dread going to the store for. This could make that a lot easier because high quality razors are being delivered right to your door, for almost half the price of purchasing in store. 

I'm hoping to better use these tips (especially the budget plan) in my life on a day to day basis and am always looking for more resources and suggestions! 

Please share your own ideas on how to save time and money in the comments :)

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