This is a post I probably should've had up at the beginning of the summer but in reality, I didn't know what my holy grail items were. Those items that you just can't get through your makeup routine without and even through the hot, summer heat, can withstand it all. 

These products are some that I use everyday, whether on their own or mixed together. Some products I've mentioned and reviewed, others are brand new to my collection. All in all, they have been keeping my face put together.

//Urban Decay BB Cream: I've talked about this multiple times and I'm still on my first bottle, holding out on every last drop. It's the perfect shade for my skin and the consistency is magical. It gives you some coverage but adds a healthy glow to your face. It's also really quick and easy to apply and doesn't move once on your skin. I've tried a few other BB Creams but nothing fits quite like this one.

//Revlon Peach Glow Highlighting Palette: Highlighting is something I have been trying to get the hang of and I have a few products but I really like this one. I saw it in a youtube video and immediately ran out and got it. It reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact. It has a bunch of different highlighting shades that you can swirl together for the perfect summer glow. It's very subtle when I apply it because I don't want to overdo it. It gives me the slightest glow and I know this will work its way into my Fall and Winter beauty routine.

//Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Sand: I received this eyeshadow in my Her Campus Her Conference goodie bag and it's kind of perfect. It's a simple, champagne shade that you could probably get in any nude palette from any brand. This is special though because it's a gel/powder eyeshadow. It's a powder finish but feels satiny when you swatch it. It's a formula that is really difficult to explain but it stays put. You can apply it with your finger or use a regular eyeshadow brush and it just stays right in place, especially when paired with my next product.

//Too Faced Shadow Insurance: I got a mini sample of this years ago and it's still lasted me to this day. I have a deluxe version now from my Beauty Blogger Darlings kit but a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I was never really into primers before trying this and it's the only eyeshadow primer I've ever tried because it's the only one I ever needed. A little dab of this primer and your shadow and eyeliner are on for good; it lasts all day. I don't use this on an everyday basis but on special occasions like a party or for work, it makes an appearance. It's pure gold.

//Benefit's They're Real Push Up Eyeliner: A liquid, gel eyeliner in blackest black that won't even be removed by a makeup remover wipe? YES PLEASE! This eyeliner came at the perfect time because the heat doesn't move or change it. I've heard a lot of people say they didn't like the formula of this eyeliner but I see no problem with it. I'm obsessed.

//Maybelline Baby Skin Primer: This is a pore minimizing primer that is a clear gel and applies flawlessly to your face. It really does a great job at keeping your makeup on but you can also wear this alone to even out your skin. It's very light on your face, it doesn't feel oily, greasy or heavy at all. I've used other primers but this one is by far my favorite.

//ELF Makeup Spray: I knew I wanted to use a makeup spray this summer because I had heard such great things about them. My sister uses the MAC Fix + and it's alright but not so much a setting spray for me. The Urban Decay spray is supposed to be made with unicorn hairs and a gift from the heavens but it's too much money. I decided to go with the ELF version and it's just as great. It does give you a dewy look which isn't great a times but it does hold everything in place.

Honorable Mention: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion: I saw this everywhere this summer and knew I needed to get my hands on it. You always want to prolong your suntan in the summer months (and all year round, of course) and this lotion is designed to help you do that. It's an aloe gel lotion with hydrating ribbons mixed into it and it feels so good on your skin, especially after a day at the beach. I honestly like this better than regular lotion because it makes it feel really soft and smooth. It's also not as greasy and it blends well into your skin. My bottle is practically empty. 

These beauty products keep me sane in the summer heat.

What are your holy grail items?

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