It's no secret that I'm secretly obsessed with BaubleBar. I find myself on their website, daily, searching and saving all the beautiful pieces. 

From statement necklaces to delicate rings, there are too many options for the bauble lover. (Sidenote: I love the word "bauble", it's so classy and cute)

I think every fashion lady should have a few statement necklaces in rotation but also a simple, delicate necklace for those low key days. Add in some simple bracelets and rings and you've got yourself the perfect jewelry collection.

The one thing I adore about statement necklaces is that they can dress up any outfit, and I mean any outfit. I've worn my BaubleBar necklaces with jean shorts and a plain black t shirt for a day with my friends but also with a dress to a party.

You really can't do any wrong. 

Here is what I'm currently coveting on

Dennis Rope Bib

Enamel Bullseye Bracelet

What trends are you currently loving?

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