Oh my goodness. 

For months the internet has been blowing up and losing their shit over Benefit Cosmetics new, innovative eyeliner. Everyone and their mother was raving about this new, different gel eyeliner.

As a resident beauty junkie, my mouth was salivating over the idea of this new territory that had never been entered before.

Usually a gel eyeliner comes in a pot and you have to use an angled brush to apply it. This causes some messy lines and the possibility of drawing a great cat eye kind of goes down the drain. I've used a few different gel eyeliners but my favorite was by ELF because it was the smoothest I've come across. 

The difference between Benefit's They're Real and every other gel eyeliner is that this eyeliner comes in pen form, with an Accuflex tip that hugs your lash line, giving you the easiest, steadiest line of liner. The Accuflex tip pushes the gel liner up to the top of the pen and allows you to use it as a regular eyeliner. No pots or messy brushes here.

I was patiently awaiting the release of the liner when I woke up one morning and saw on Facebook that there was a 24 hour flash sale on Benefit.com that was allowing you to purchase They're Real a week or so before it was released.

I didn't think twice, or get out of my bed to purchase this. I needed it in my life, mostly because it was new and everyone was bugging out. So no more than 5 minutes after waking up, I had already spent $30 on a new eyeliner and I couldn't care less.

A few days later the eyeliner arrived at my door and I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself.

I tried it out the next day and was only a little bit disappointed because I think I was expecting unicorns to fly out of the pen or something.

I do have to say though, this is the best eyeliner I've ever used. 

It is the blackest black you could ever imagine, the line comes out incredibly straight, it hugs your lash line, the ability to draw a cat eye is AMAZING(this is my favorite part), and the wear is industrialized.

Seriously, I can't take this eyeliner off with just any old make-up remover wipe; I needed some heavy duty eye makeup remover pads and even then, it wasn't enough.

It gets a little taking used too, because the eyeliner dries up really fast and it could be a little more difficult to apply. Using a smooth, gel eyeliner pen is also something to get used too. It's not a regular eyeliner so it's odd to use the pen and the Accuflex tip.

After two times used, it was like I've been using it forever. It's really easy, dramatic, and so smooth. This eyeliner has ruined all other gel eyeliners for me, I'm in love.

Yes, it's a $24 eyeliner but my goodness, They're Real Push Up Liner is eyeliner from the gods.

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