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I know I just recently wrote a post about prom dresses but the season is coming nearer and nearer. My sister is still searching for a prom dress and it's pretty much all I hear about. Dress shopping is really difficult, it's not something that is fun (at least in my eyes it isn't).

Aside from prom season it's also wedding season and formal season so dress shopping is becoming more and more common, also more and more annoying. It also gets to be pretty expensive, especially if you're attending more than one formal event in a season. No one wants to be caught in the same dress twice. 

It'll be okay though because there are more and more sites out there that are helping out the cause.

JenJenHouse is an awesome website that sells not only gorgeous prom dresses but all other kinds of formal wear as well! The minute I clicked on the site, I was in shock at how beautiful the dresses were. I was also taken back by how cheap they are.

If I could've worn a beautiful prom dress for $130, I would've jumped at the chance. 

The website is super easy to use also; my sister has been looking online for dresses and for prom, I would never recommend that but in the end, it works out. JenJen House has all these awesome filters you could use to narrow down the exact type of dress you want.

That kind of takes all the guess work out of shopping because you're able to ultimately, create your perfect dress.

JenJen House has some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, I'd like to buy one for myself to wear whenever I feel fancy because, seriously, they're stunning.

Here are some of my favorite prom dresses featured on JenJen House

If you can't tell, I definitely have a type of dress that I like. I love chiffon dresses because they look so elegant and flow so well. I also LOVE red dresses, mostly because they look good with my skin complexion. 

You also can't go wrong with a sweetheart neckline, which looks great on almost everyone.

In the end, there is a perfect prom/formal season dress for everyone. You'll find yours.

Check out JenJen House and check out the rest of their gorgeous dresses!

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