Last night I got my notebook, iPad and chargers and sat down to watch the Oscars. I usually am lying in bed with my iPhone ready to live tweet the award show but this time I wanted to do it right, blogger style. I'm also writing an article on Oscar fashion for my school's newspaper so I thought jotting down some notes would help me in the long run #journalismprobs.

I'm also writing this post during the award show so I'm really ahead of the game.

Shall we start with fashion?

There were so many best dressed people on the red carpet, I was in shock! Usually I only like a few dresses and the rest are mediocre but almost everyone pulled out all the stops for this Academy Awards. There was a lot of black dresses, which is very uncommon for the award show season but it totally worked.

Charlize Theron

Jennifer Lawrence

Julia Roberts 

Camila Alves

Emma Watson

There were also some great moments from the red carpet and ceremony that just kind of stole the show:

1. Jennifer Lawrence: She fell at the Oscars, again! At least it was on the red carpet but still, would she would J.Law if she didn't do something ungraceful and human like? This is why I love her. 

2. Ellen's Monologue: Well, she's Ellen and she's hysterical. She is the perfect person to host the Oscars and this monologue proved it. It was just too funny.

3. Jared Leto's Acceptance Speech: I didn't see "Dallas Buyers Club" nor do I pay attention to Jared Leto but his acceptance speech for "Best Supporting Actor" was truly outstanding and one of the best speeches I've ever heard at an award show. 

4. Leonardo DiCaprio: I mean, he's Leo, the most important, talented actor of our time...who still doesn't have an Oscar. He's fun to look at, though.

5. The Best Selfie Ever: Just take a look at this epic photo. I cannot handle it. 

6. Ellen Serves it Up: Ellen DeGeneres served pizza at the Academy Awards to the biggest movie stars in all the land. This would never happen if anyone else besides Ellen was hosting. Let's be honest...

7.  Bette Midler: She is my flawless idol. I seriously have a weird obsession with Bette and I don't know if it's because of Hocus Pocus or Beaches or just her in general but seeing her perform for the first time at the Oscars was probably my favorite part of the night. I was crying hysterically, like a good old Kim Kardashian ugly cry. 

8. Idina Menzel: It's no secret that I love Frozen. Hearing Idina sing "Let it Go" loud and proud was pure magic. Then "Let it Go" won the Oscar for best song so it was a pretty awesome night.

What were your favorite moments of the Oscars last night? Who was your best dressed?

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