My goodness, I haven't done a manicure Monday in ages! That's due to my tight budget and the fact that my local drug stores do not have the latest Essie collections or any other polish worth buying.

Before Spring Break, I went to Harmon's Discount Store near my school. I've never been and when I walked in, I died and went to heaven. They had so many beauty products for such a discounted price, I didn't believe it was real. I went a little crazy and bought some stuff I needed for vacation but also bought some stuff I didn't.

One of those impulse purchases was from Essie's Winter Collection, a gorgeous blue polish titled "Parka Perfect". Even though it was from an older collection and not a summer color, I needed it. 

It definitely looked more grey in the bottle and once I painted my nails, it turned an ice, cold blue. I think it's perfect for the weather transition we're in right now and I'm kind of in love with it. 

When I go home next, I'm going to need to make a serious trip to my drug stores to find the new Essie collection because well, have you seen them?

I'm in LOVE with this Resort collection. I need them now!

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