It's been a long, rough and stressful week. It went by pretty fast but the days felt like they dragged on. I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend and some down time, even though I'm going to be swamped with homework/papers/studying. 

Here are some of my favorite things this week that made everything a little easier and brighter.

1. Spring Break

Punta Cana is calling my name!! In just two weeks, I'll be on a plane headed to what will be the craziest, wildest and most fun experience of my four years of college. My sorority sisters, favorite fraternity men, and myself will be taking over Punta Cana and I can't wait to see what Spring Break has in store for us!!

2. 22 Things Only Second Semester Seniors Will Understand

There's less than three months till graduation and I'm really struggling with the idea of not being in college anymore. I have an anxiety attack at least once a day and it's just not fun when people are constantly asking me what I'm doing when I graduate. This post from The Huffington Post is pretty much spot on and down right hysterical. #Don'tMakeMeLeave


Maybe the week went by so fast because I knew Olivia Pope was going to return to my TV screen on Thursday at 10pm. As I write this post, I haven't seen the episode yet by my goodness, I'm sure it'll make my week 100x better than it already was. To tide me over, I took this Buzzfeed quiz on which Scandal character I am. I got Mellie Grant and couldn't be happier! #FLOTUS

PS: Check out this hilarious video montage of Olivia Pope and her love of red wine:

4. TSM Columns

I've been huge on columns and articles this week and TSM has been killing it. Since they opened their new website, the columns they've been posting so many columns ranging in so many different topics. Everything seems much more relevant to sorority girls and less offensive. I've even submitted a column or two and I'm hoping they get published! I have a lot of ideas for columns so maybe you'll see me published soon!

5. Her Campus Community Moderators and Beta Testers:

Being part of the HerCampus Blogger Network has been such an amazing experience. I've gotten so many cool opportunities and they just keep rolling in! I was selected to be a Community Moderator and Beta Tester along with some of my other fabulous HCBN ladies. I'll be moderating the blogger facebook groups and helping out HC HQ with some blogger stuff. I'm SO excited to take things to the next level!!

What have been the highlights of your week?

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