Believe in Miracles

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Miracle is such a funny word. It's something that people throw around very casually in every day jargon. The word miracle doesn't really have a true meaning because no one truly knows what it means.

By definition, the word miracle is: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Some people though, don't understand what witnessing a miracle entails, some don't believe in miracles at all. I assume most people don't believe in miracles because they are the work of the divine, whoever your divine is. If you don't believe in any type of god, your belief in miracles might be negated. 

I am someone who truly believes in miracles. I've seen quite a few in my lifetime, and I'm only 21 years old. When someone is suddenly sick and they are deemed as someone who is not going to make it, I've seen that happen a few times too many.

I watched it happen this weekend. I witnessed the powers of a miracle, how something is so clearly defined and then, by some magic way, the course of life is suddenly changed. 

The power of good thoughts, good vibes, love, and prayers can create something inhuman. I don't mean to stand on a soapbox but when weekends like this happen, it's just amazing how your mind can shift. 

Having a miracle like this weekend happen really and truly puts things into perspective. It makes you appreciate the littlest things in life, it makes you thankful for everyone and everything around you because in a sudden instant, it can all be taken away. In an instant, life as you know it can flash before your eyes and it can change.

It's scary how things work, how timing is everything and how everything happens for a reason. Nothing is by chance, nothing is a coincidence. It's all fate and all about having faith. 

Start off the week right, do something different and never take anything for granted. Appreciate life for every little moment it offers you.

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