Since the first Urban Decay palette was released a number of years ago, I have seen it everywhere. At first I didn't understand the hype but then Naked 2 was released and I tried it out (my roommate was a proud owner). I did my makeup with it constantly last year and was trying to save up my money to purchase it.

I, however, could not muster up the courage to spend $50 on an eyeshadow palette. As amazing as it was and as much as I loved it, as much as I needed it, I just couldn't do it.

When word was released that Naked 3 was going to be released, I knew I needed it. This palette seemed even better than the first two and the reviews were great. This palette was a mixture of matte and shimmer colors in all rose gold sort of shades.

I love rose gold and I think it's one of the most versatile color combinations and truly can look great on any skin color, for any occasion. After reading the reviews and comparing the Naked 3 to the other Naked palettes, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I came up with a solution though, ask for Naked 3 for Christmas instead of shelling out my own money. HA-HA.

I was unsure if I would get it because as you can imagine, the palette was sold out everywhere. When I did open the box and see it, I screamed. I was so happy to use it and see if it was everything I imagined.

It most definitely was.

The shades are so beautiful and you can seriously wear them any time, any day, no matter what your'e doing. There are so many combinations and looks that you can create, it's pretty much the only palette you need to use. It's the only one I've been using since Christmas. It also gives me a perfect excuse to use more eyeshadow. I find that eyeshadow is one of those make-up steps that you can skip if you don't feel like going the extra step, especially during the day.

The quality of the eyeshadows are truly stand up. Urban Decay is known for their eyeshadows but I can use this palette without using eyeshadow primer and it stays on all day, without smudge. The color packs on beautifully and no matter how light or dark the shade is, they all blend together really well.

There are 12 colors in the palette, ranging from super light to super dark and a mixture of matte and shimmer. The colors are all pretty different so you don't feel like you're constantly using the same colors over and over. There are too many combinations to name when using these eyeshadows. 

I swatched the palette to give you all a better look at how the shadows stand up on skin.

Dust and Strange

Limit and Burnout

Trick and Buzz

Liar and Nooner

Mugshot and Factory

Blackheart and Darkside

As you can see, there is incredible range here and of course, some colors show up better than others. No matter what, I love this palette in it's entirety. If you have the extra $50 and are in need of new eyeshadow, go get the Naked 3 Palette. 

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