The day after Christmas, I was online (as usual) and I stumbled upon a blog post by a blogger that reviewed a bunch of ELF makeup. Now, if you don't know, ELF (eyes.lips.face) is a make-up brand that sells their products for an insanely cheap price. I mean, you could get eyeshadow for $1. 

That definitely throws some people off because they believe that the make-up is cheap and poorly made. I remember when I was younger, I had some ELF products and they were not the best. A few years ago, I bought some other products and they were definitely much better. I found some make-up that I really liked.

Now, after reading this blog post (For the life of me, I can't remember which blogger it was), it came to seem that ELF went through another turn around and redid their formulas, products, packaging, etc.

I was busting to spend some gift-cards I had so I found myself on the ELF website and to my pleasure there was a 50% off sale. As if prices couldn't get cheap enough, I was going to buy make-up for $.50. I was way too excited.

My mother didn't think I needed any more make-up and I honestly didn't but I really just wanted to spend my Visa gift-card and to see how the make-up held up.

I only spent $25 and bought so much stuff. I was shocked at how much I got for such a little price but I wasn't complaining. Because of the holidays and the snowstorm in New York, it took about two weeks for my package to arrive but when it did, it was worth the wait.

My entire order 

Lip Exfoliator: This is a product that a lot of people have been raving about. It's an exfoliator for your lips. It's like a lip scrub in lipstick form. It really does keep your lips soft and helps with chapping. I wear it at night before I go to sleep and the next morning, my lips feel extremely fresh.

HD Lifting Concealer:  I've been desperate for a new, heavy duty concealer. My Erase Paste is running out and I don't want to shell out another $24 for a new one. This concealer is very paste like and heavy but not in a bad way. It really covers up my dark circles but doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my face. It's wonderful.

Matte Lip Color Pencil: I've been busting for a NARS matte lip pencil but can't bring myself to spend over $20 on one. This is the next best thing. The color I chose is 'Praline' and it's a dark, reddish color. It's durable and stays on for hours and it's also very smooth and soothing. I'm definitely going to be buying more of these when need be. 

Golden Brozners: This is a set of four shimmery bronzers and I'm indifferent about it. I used it once so far but it was a little too shimmery for me. I'm going to try it again when a shimmer look is more appropriate but even if I didn't like the way it showed up on my face, they were still good quality bronzers.

Studio Blush in Giddy Gold: Blush is something I've recently gotten into and other than my NARS Orgasm, I rarely change blush colors. I thought I'd change it up and get a neutral colored blush. Being honest, it's not my favorite because it doesn't really show up that well on my face but I want a neutral blush to work so I'm going to try it again. 

Corrective Concealer Palette: This is the product I was most excited for. I've been seeing everywhere that different colored concealers are great for covering up redness, dark circles and other problems that come with skin. I haven't used this yet because I want to research which colors help with what problems so I'll definitely be doing another post on that later. 

Brushes: I ordered a face brush, a smudge eyeshadow brush, a eyebrow/lash brush, and a Kabuki brush. The Kabuki brush is my favorite; the way it applies bronzer to my face is incredible and I regret not buying one sooner. The other brushes are standard and pretty great quality. 

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: I have this eyeliner in black but it's running out. ELF was sold out of black so this ash/grey color was the next best thing. I'm obsessed with it and it's one of the best eyeliners ever. The slim, felt tip makes application quick and easy. 

Eye Refresh: The last product of this large haul! The eye refresh helps your under eye area and allows you to look more awake. I apply it first thing in the morning before I put moisturizer or any sort of make-up on. I have to pay more attention to if it really helps but I think it does.

All in all, I really liked all my ELF beauty products. Even with a crazy cheap price, it's wonderful quality and I will be buying a lot more make-up from them.

Have you ever used ELF? What are your thoughts?

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