I remember a few months ago, I was in the movie theaters (I forgot what I went to see) and I saw an ad for the new Disney Princess movie Frozen. I thought it looked so cute and figured I'd probably see it once it came out on DVD like I did with Tangled

I love Disney movies, especially Princess ones; Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White-- I love them all. I really enjoyed Tangled when it came out a few years ago because it was a new generation of Disney Princesses. I thought it was cute that young girls would have this new princess to add to all the old ones.

I didn't know what Frozen was about when I saw the preview but after the movie hit theaters, I saw it blow up. More and more people were talking about it and soon enough, I couldn't escape from it. Frozen was everywhere and it was starting to borderline annoy me because I didn't know what all the fuss was about.

My roommate had the bootleg DVD so last Tuesday, during the latest blizzard that hit NYC we all cuddled up and I watched Frozen for the first time.

From the opening credits, I knew what I was in for. It was amazing. It was the best Disney movie ever, I'm pretty sure. It was hysterical, the music was on point, and the graphics were incredible. 

I won't spoil the plot but it centered around Princess Ana and Elsa, two sisters who are start off the same but in turn, are so drastically different. It has that Disney flair with the overbearing parents, the villains, and the Prince. 

It was such classic Disney but at the same time, it was so modern. 

The message, which you'll realize half way through the movie, is that true love does not have to come from a boy; if you have sisters or friends, true love can come from there too. The message is clear as day when Queen Elsa tells her sister "You cannot marry a man you just met". It's so different from all the other Disney movies where true love's kiss is what awakens the princesses. 

Frozen has already become a household name for the modernity and message of the film but also for the classic Disney taste. It's been named the biggest Disney movie since The Lion King. Those are huge shoes to fill. 

Not to mention, it's been ruling award season, it's getting a sing-along theatrical release and it's been confirmed that there will be a Broadway show coming soon.

Here is the Oscar nominated song "Let it Go" performed by Idina Menzel and honestly one of the greatest Disney songs ever. Seriously, listen, I'm obsessed. 

Have you seen Frozen? What are your thoughts?

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