This was my last Thanksgiving break ever. Depressing, isn't it? I am not looking forward to Christmas break in the slightest and I want the fall semester to last forever. Once I leave school on December 17th, that's it. One final semester to go and I literally do not know what I am going to do. 

This break was bittersweet because I desperately needed to get away from my school responsibilities but I didn't want to leave school. 

I also celebrated by 21st birthday over the weekend which was incredible. I had waited so long for this day and if I got denied from one more bar, I was going to scream. I am the baby in all my groups of friends so it was a special day for everyone in my life.

It was quite the night and I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life. It's sure to be a great one.

I had such a relaxing break where I saw my friends, family and got adjusted into my new apartment (my mom moved while I was away at school). It was seriously much needed and I'm ready to tackle the next two weeks aka hell week.

Here are some photos from my Thanksgiving break/birthday, including my beautiful birthday gift from my grandma...the Kate Spade glittery bangle watch. (It's broken BTW and she has to return it, I'm not happy about it).

One of my four birthday cakes

My dad's new Pitbull puppy, Millie

Kate Spade love

Chiptole catering for me and my BFF Jacqueline's birthdays

Traipsing through Manhattan on my 21st

Happy birthday to me!!

How was your Thanksgiving break? 

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