This past weekend was the last one of the Fall semester and goodness was it bittersweet. There were no real plans floating around campus; people were still studying for finals and writing papers despite the fact that the library closed at 10pm. 

I, however, was one of the few that stayed on campus even though I was finished with finals. The reason for my lingering around campus besides the fact that I did not want to admit that the Fall semester was over? 


If you haven't heard of this lovely event, it's an annual "bar hop" in Manhattan and across other major cities in the country. Everyone dresses up as Santa or other Christmas characters and do a bar crawl to participating bars. 

The bar hopping part not included because everyone should be acting responsibly, Santacon is quite the experience. It was the first time I attended because I was finally legal and I have never seen anything like this. It was hysterical and wonderful and the perfect event to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Every where you looked in the city, you saw someone dressed as Santa or Mrs. Clause or an elf--there was so much Christmas cheer. No one thought twice when we sang Christmas carols on the subway dressed as reindeer--it was as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

My friends and I dressed as the different reindeer (I was Vixen) and we got into the city around 10:30am. As we walked through Grand Central Station, we saw that random city-goers were taking photos and videos of us and everyone else participating in Santacon. 

I had a tourist stop me and one of my friends to take a picture with us because it was so strange to see reindeer and Mrs. Clause in the subway station.

To make the day better and even more Christmasy, it snowed! We walked around Manhattan, dressed like Christmas in the snow! It was perfect.

I honestly had one of the best times (minus the crowds and expensive drink specials) I had in a while. It was the best thing I could've asked for to put me in the Christmas spirit! 

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever heard of Santacon?

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