My Favorites of 2013

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2013 was one of my favorite years yet, both in a personal sense and a pop culture sense. I love the end of the year specials that are all over television where they break down the big trends and happenings of the past 365 days. 

I thought I'd break down my own non personal favorites of 2013, things that affected me in no way but made me happy nonetheless.

1. Jennifer Lawrence: Um, is this even a question? The flawless human being called J.Law made 2013 her year, as if 2012 wasn't enough. She started the year falling down at the Oscars but won the world over in all her interviews, red carpet moments and Catching Fire. She stunned us all by chopping her hair into a pixie cut and made jaws drop in American Hustle. There is no one I love more than Jennifer Lawrence and 2013 proved that correct.

2. One Direction: I didn't think it was possible to love One Direction more in 2013 than I did in 2012. Their new album, performances on SNL, the 3D couldn't go anywhere this year without seeing the five handsome boys. I'm still upset that I didn't get Harry Styles under my Christmas tree this year...maybe next year?

3. The Mother of all Reveals: I got into a serious relationship with Netflix the first week of summer 2013 when I watched all eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother. This was the show of the year to me, especially when on the season eight finale we FINALLY met the mother! Season nine has been melancholy but still awesome, in my eyes. 

4. Prince George: We ended 2012 with a big royal news--the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with the heir to the British throne and most of 2013 was spent carefully paying attention to that gorgeous baby bump. In July, the watching came to a sudden halt when Princess Kate gave birth to Prince George Louis Alexander. 

5. Bold Brows: This had to be my favorite beauty trend of 2013. I can't tell you why because I used to think that thick eyebrows were hideous but Cara Delevingne makes it look so good! I've sculpted my eyebrows thickly a few times with the help of brow powder, pencils and wax and I have to admit, I do like how it looks. 

There are other favorites I had in 2013 like Justin Timberlake, NSYNC's reunion at the VMAs, cronuts, Eva Chen as the EIC of Lucky Magazine and so much more! 

What were your favorites of 2013?

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