If I'm being honest, I love reading Total Sorority Move. The website has gotten a lot of heat over the past few years for being inappropriate and giving sorority girls a bad name. It's brother site and the original Total Frat Move is not any better, if anything it's worst.

TFM and TSM degrade men and women, they encourage hazing and they don't portray us Greek life members in a positive light. 

All these things set aside, I love the site. It's funny, it's sometimes true and it's pure entertainment. 

Every so often, TSM will post a column that will make me think. It may be about boys or e-board positions but nonetheless, it sparks something in my mind.

Well, one of those columns were published this week and the internet went crazy. I never would expected something so true, so needed and so eye opening to come from TSM but it has happened.

In this column, the writer talks about the epidemic of weight concerns going on in this country. Women, especially young women are so overly concerned and conscious of their weight, myself included.

#MindtheGap is something new that is centered around thigh gaps and how we should all strive to not have our thighs touch.  

Here are just a few of the hashtags mentioned in the article that the writer saw on Facebook and other social media:

“I’d kill myself if my thighs ever touched. #mindthegap”
“I lost fifteen pounds in two weeks! #mindthegap”
“He’ll love you more if you lose the weight. #mindthegap”
In my opinion, that is disgusting. The writer of the article goes on a complete tangent about how the fact that so many Americans girls have eating disorders and are obsessed with excerising. It's because of society. It's not because of themselves or their parents or movies or the fact that they actually do need to lose weight...it's everything combined. 

The world we live in now is not emotionally healthy for girls to grow. Our minds are stunted at young ages with our Barbie dolls that this is what beauty is. This how is how we should look, this is what we should eat, this is how we excerise. 

By the time you're old enough to understand what body image, weight and calories are, your mind is ruined. You're ruined and you hate yourself.

You hate yourself because you ate a slice of pizza instead of a salad. You hate yourself because you missed a gym day. You hate yourself because you went up a jean size.

Why wouldn't you hate your size 10 body when you see Victoria Secret models strutting down the runway in nothing but a bedazzled bra? It's only human nature.

It doesn't have to be like that. 

Instead of teaching young girls that Adriana Lima is the perfect size, teach them to love themselves. Teach young girls the healthy way to eat, not some diet fad. Don't tell a little girl she's fat and don't expose her to the type of society and behavior that will form her mind into thinking she's ugly just because she's not a size two. 

#SCREWTHEGAP is what the article says and I agree. I'll preach it to the high heavens because I think it's ridiculous the way society has forced eating disorders onto our generation and younger. 

I'm sick of being obsessed about weight. If you're happy with how you look, how you feel and you're healthy, there should be no reason as to why you should #mindthegap.

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