This week I stepped away from my typical Essie manicure and went with another brand, a little more up scale and one that I've been dying to try out for a while.

I've only heard good things about Deborah Lippman nail polish and I've been lusting after them on the Nordstrom website for a solid year. I could just never justify paying $20 for a bottle of nail polish.

About two weeks ago when my chapter held our Phi Sigma Sigma Centennial celebration, one of our advisors bought some items to be raffled off to raise money for the chapter. One of those was a three piece Deborah Lippman set of nail polish. I put my eggs in one basket and surprisingly won the raffle!

I finally painted my nails with two of the shades on Friday; the base color is a greige (grey and beige) called Planet Rock and the other shade was a multi color glitter top coat called "Baby I'm a Star". 

The formula of the polish is pretty wonderful; you could tell that it's more expensive than Essie. It feels more expensive. It glides on beautifully, dries quickly, and one coat was more than enough to become opaque. I applied two anyway because I'm used to that.

The top coat had the perfect amount of glitter in each stroke and I was super happy with how my nails came out. 

The only problem is that my nails chipped the day after I painted them. I was disappointed that the polish didn't hold up. I don't know why, it might've been a too thick manicure or it may have me or the formula isn't as good as I thought.

The other polish in the three piece set was another glitter top coat. This one was pure silver and called "When Lighting Strikes". I haven't tried it out yet so I will keep you updated on how that manicure turns out!

Maybe sometimes expensive items aren't as good as the cheaper ones! Back to Essie it is!

What is your favorite expensive nail polish? 

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