I have been truly struggling with finding a great mascara lately. Over the past few months I have gone through a bunch of different kinds and not one of them is satisfying me. Either they aren't giving my lashes enough volume and body, they make me look like I have spiders on my eyes or they are giving me too much volume and body for an every day look.

I do have quite the collection of mascaras that are in my make-up bag and I alternate every day depending on what I'm looking for.

Here are the mascaras that I've been using:

1. Maybelline Great Lash-- Blackest Black

2. Elizabeth Mott-- Volumizing Mascara

3. Almay One Coat Thickening-- Blackest Black

4. Flower Beauty Extreme Measure Lengthening Mascara

5. Pixi Lash Booster Mascara

6. Maybelline One by One Volume Express

These are not ranked in any sort of order. These are all mascaras that I've used over the past few months and none of them are completely up to par. They all have their pros and they all have their cons.

My favorite out of the bunch are obviously the Maybelline ones. I raved about the classic pink and green Great Lash last week but my favorite is the One by One Volume Express. I only wear that one on the weekends because the way it elongates and volumizes my lashes. It's really intense and makes my eyes pop. If you want a mascara that is going to do that and give you a sexy, dark eye look--go with the red tube.  

My least favorite of the bunch is the Almay One Coat Thickening. It doesn't do much for my lashes and is very runny. It smudges easily and almost watery. I rarely use it and it just sits in my make up case unless I am completely out of mascara.

One of my favorites that I've used up is the Flower Beauty mascara. I received it in my Intern Queen Party goodie bag back in July and pretty much used the entire tube. It was perfect for an everyday, day time look. It gave me the perfect amount of color and length without being too voluminous. I hate nothing more than really out there lashes during the day. I reserve that for night time when I'm going out.

The other two mascaras are some I received in my beauty subscription services a while back. I rarely use them because they make my lashes look spidery and don't stay on very well, similar to the Almay mascara.

Even though I love my Maybelline mascaras, I need/want to try something else. What are your favorite mascaras? What do you recommend? Tell me in the comments!

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