A few weeks back, I stumbled on the most adorable company run by an incredible woman. I'm big on little companies who do big things and create top notch products.

Tami is the founder and creator of Tam Tam Design, which creates chic and classy stationary and knick knacks for the every day girl.

Tam Tam carries everything from personalized serving trays, iPhone cases, journals, and weekly planners. All her products come in cute, girly colors and are seriously perfect for any girly girl.

I'm obsessed with Tam Tam Designs; her products are something that I lust after. Every girl on the go needs to have adorable stationary to go along with her busy and chic life.

Here's a little bio on Tami, featured on her website.

Blossoming to life from a love of gift giving, paper and pretty patterns, Tami O’Malley created TamTam Design, an award-winning gift and stationery studio in 2007. Inspired by the sweetest, most simple joys in life (like fresh flowers, holding hands and birthday parties), Tami’s desire has always been to share her passion for living, giving and loving with others.

From the moment you spot TamTam's signature style, you'll find it's the perfect reflection of Tami herself - girly, good, and gracious. This simple philosophy and love of life is what inspires Tami to follow her heart (over trends) as her guide to creating the life she loves… one that includes less perfect and more present, less worry and more fun, less busy and more love!

In addition to 3 Louie Awards and nominations from the Greeting Card Association, Tami was awarded the prestigious “Card of the Year” Louie in recognition for creative excellence. In 2010, Stationery Trends magazine named Tami as one of the “Ten Designers to Watch in 2010”.

When someone has designs as wonderful as Tami, you know there is something else there. The colors, the patterns, the layout, these products inspire me--as strange as that sounds. Products like these make life a little more fun, a little chicer, and a whole lot more organized. 

My favorite products on Tam Tam are definitely the weekly planner desktop calendars (monogram cuteness!), the A Lot To Do notepads, and this Billy Ball design monogram phone case. The designs are the perfect combination of preppy and chic. 

I was in awe at Tami's hard work, dedication, and her creative mind. I needed to know more; I needed to know what motivated her talent. I got a little exclusive Q&A interview with Tami and if it wasn't possible to be inspired any more than I already was, her answers did it for me. Check it out below!

1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

I have 2 major philosophies when it comes to running my business:  follow your heart  +  just keep goingThese 6 words keep me focused, true to myself, on course with my business and help me to make intentional life decisions. When I'm not sure what to do next, the first thing I'll ask myself  is "what does your heart say" and I do that.I truly believe that we all have the answers within us… that our heart (that gut feeling in each of us) really can steer the course if we just listen, do, and just keep going.

2. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! Just ask my hubby as he's obligingly helping me to stage an impromptu photo shoot in our local grocery store :) For me, it's the little things that make life sweeter, like a bowl full of lemons, fresh flowers, ribbons and glitter. I love how some ordinary objects just have a way of making people happy. For cute quotes and business philosophy, I am rooted in the things that matter the most to me-  my husband, my family, and my purpose.

3. Where did you come up with the idea for TamTam Design? 

I knew I wanted to be a greeting card designer in the 3rd grade and my first job out of college was as a designer for Hallmark in Kansas City.I'd always wanted to design my own card line so when the opportunity presented itself, TamTam was born. TamTam was a childhood nickname of mine and designing pretty cards that I loved and that made people happy was my original intention for the company. That's now grown into gifts and other products as well.

Today, my mission for TamTam is that each of my designs are each thoughtful and modern and designed for living, giving, and loving.  

4. What does a normal day look like for you?

I get up each morning around 8:30 with my hubby while he gets ready for work. 
I work from home so the first thing I usually do in the morning is to check into my "mobile office," i.e. check my email, social media, etc for 10-15 minutes on my cell phone or laptop.
By 9:30, I'm ready for the day, coffee in hand, feeding and playing with the doggies, and armed with my planner ready to plot out the day's to-dos. The rest of the day involves a rotation of tasks from planning new designs, working on licensing projects, to updating the website, contributing to social media, etc. I work until around 5pm or so until my hubby gets home from work. 
In the evening we often go for a little  run around our neighborhood and then make some dinner together or go out for a bite. After dinner I'll get another 1-2 hours of work done or we watch some of our favorite shows together. 

5. What has been the biggest challenge in running your own business?

I would say the biggest challenge for me has been knowing when to say no. I have always had a hard time with no because (as I've mentioned) I love making people happy and I seriously want to be able to do it all. But I am learning the importance of saying noI am one person and I alone can't run my business and take on every side project  and  have time to create the life I love.
Allowing yourself to say no, isn't about making people unhappy… it's about clearing the clutter and  freeing yourself up to stay focused on what matters.

6. What has been your favorite part about running your own business?

I would say, flexibility and the people. I used to work such long hours. I still do, but it's from home and I love it, so it doesn't feel like work for me. When I can work a long day, I do, and when I need a day off, I can take it. That's a great perk :)

I am also so grateful that I get to work with so many amazing people. My assistants, mentors, bloggers, customers… there are so many amazing women out there who teach me so much and challenge me to keep going. People like you are reasons I do what I do.

Tami is a serious inspiration for all entrepreneurs out there; she had a dream and she took it by the horns and ran with it!

Go check out Tami's designs at TamTamDesign; you will not regret it!

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Follow Tami on social media and stay up to date with the latest going on with her designs!


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