As I write this, I am in complete fangirl mode. This is my secret life I am about to expose so get ready. I just came home from seeing the One Direction 3D film, "This is Us" and I could barely type because I am so excited.

Hello, I am Briana Luca and I am a boy-band fanatic.

Ever since I could remember, I have been in love with boy bands. They have been my life, my favorite type of music. Whether it was the 90s boybands like NSYNC and the BSB or newer age boy-bands like the Jonas Brothers, I have lived for boy-bands.

My latest obsession is One Direction.

I'm not going to go into a whole biography about Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry but just know that the boys are from the U.K., they lost the X Factor, and won the world.

I cannot even begin to express my love for the boys from Britain. They are too adorable for words and have music that is pop with a rock edge. They are not clean cut nor do they try to be; they drink, they smoke, they have tattoos--they are bad boys without trying to be. They just do what they want and I think that is my favorite thing about them.

I have had this little love affair with One Direction for the past year and a half and have managed in to keep it to myself and a few select friends till now. I'm coming clean to the public; I'm done being embarrassed about my love for my British boys. 

Friday night, instead of going out to a party or to a bar, I went to the empty movie theater with one of my pledge sisters who also harbors a secret love for the Brits. We were two of about ten people in the movie theater and I apologized in advanced for how I was going to act.

Any one of my close friends could tell you that when I get excited about a boy-band (i.e my Jonas Brothers era) I go insane. I lose it. I completely black out, squeal, scream, and have been known to throw myself down a flight of steps.

Yes, I am being serious.

I would be lying if I said I was a little nervous when the screen turned on and I heard Niall Horan's voice. I would be lying if I said I didn't flinch every time Harry Styles came up in 3D and I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry like a baby when Zayn Malik bought his mother a house.

I love One Direction for their non clean cut image, their catchy music, their British accents and their looks. I love One Direction for a lot of reasons but the number one reason is how humble they are, how thankful they are, how delighted they are to be living their dreams.

That's the reason I love any artist; when an artist remembers where they came from and don't act like they are better than everyone else, that is why I love certain artists. It's why I love One Direction.

Watching this film made me love them even more. You see the real them, the cameras captured everything a fan or a non fan could've wanted. It was refreshing to see my favorite boy-band in a different light, in a relaxed light. It was great to see their families, their hometowns, the real One Direction.

It's amazing to see an artist you admire, a celebrity you admire, in their natural habitat; not on a stage or in an interview, but in their own element. It shows that they are a real person, just like you and me.

The film was truly amazing and I just had to express myself in someway because I was so hyped up about it. It was so exciting and I wish I could watch it over and over again. 

There is a reason that One Direction has won over the world and it is all showcased in "This Is Us."

What is your favorite boy-band?

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